The Fuck Is This Noise?

If you love music, want to share music, or are looking for music to listen to, welcome!

Anonymous said: Hey, i just watched the movie "her" and i really like the soundtrack. My favorite was The Moon Song performed by Joaquin phoenix and Scarlett Johansson. You should check it out, i think you might like it

Hey, Anon! I, too, fell in love with that song, and pretty much the whole soundtrack to ‘Her’. Great suggestion! I’ll have to put a video up with some of the tunes!! Thanks for writing =]

She really has the most gorgeous voice.

Here you go Kit! Took long enough, didn’t it? ;D


"Beneath the mambo sun, I’ve got to be the one - For Yoooooou"

"But it feels like forever on the run, when your mind turns to fiction…"


"If you’re running away, I’m looking for you, and if you’ve lost your way, I’m seeing you through."

Gorgeous song.

Suggested by the wonderful Kit Fox!!

kitfoxhawaii said: YO. Whatchu know about some Raphael Saddiq? if you haven't heard "Movin' down The Line" or "Radio" or any yet, get on that!

I’d seen Movin’ Down The Line before, but not Radio!  And now, I think I’ve found my new summer song.  Thank you lovely!!

For me, listening to Ben Howard’s music is something akin to standing out in the rain, or jumping into cold water.  It stirs something within me, that thing that yearns to be more; more immersed, more clean, more alive.  I need that little jolt every now and again.

"We all got old at breakneck speed, slow it down go easy on me." 

Some groovy summertime music, suggested to me by an anonymous follower!  

I love this!

Anonymous said: One of my favorite summer songs is Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke (: I think you should check it out if you want some funk ahhaha

Ok, wow.  I LOVE IT! haha.  I’m gonna go ahead and post a link to that shit! haha

Thanks, anon!

I wish the goblins WOULD come and take me away.

Right NOW.